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Gravel is the perfect way to add some functionality to an outdoor space. It goes perfectly with lawns and plants while adding a sitting area, pathways or driveway. Gardeners use gravel because it’s easy to maintain and one of the more cost-effective materials.


Express Fencing and Tree Services offer a range of gravel solutions for front and back outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a functional area or want to incorporate hardscaping into a back garden, we can help you.

The benefits of gravel

Gravel is a staple in British homes and businesses due to its versatility. Our specialists work with it regularly and can adapt our services to your needs, ensuring you have everything you need to create an aesthetic and functional space.

Easy to maintain

The best thing about gravel is it requires minimal maintenance. In many cases, you won’t have to do any work for years, which is a massive bonus for businesses. Even if you need to clear it up, a simple rake and rinse will be more than enough to keep the area looking pristine.

Highly customisable

While stereotypes of gravel involve boring grey pathways and driveways, we can do much more with this versatile material. Many finishes are available, so you can keep it muted with neutral tones or go big and bold with something more dramatic.


Gravel is also one of the more cost-effective solutions available and can be ideal if you’re on a budget but still want a high-end finish. We use gravel from local sources, giving you bigger savings and a way to contribute to the environment. We also offer other services to complete your area, such as; lawn turfing services, fencing installations and much more.


We all know the British climate is anything but forgiving, with the summer temperatures getting hotter and cold winters. Then there’s the rain we receive each year. All of these things can impact your hardscaping features.


Gravel is incredibly durable and holds its own well in wet and arid conditions. It also offers drainage in excess rain, protecting your greenery from excess moisture.

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Staffordshire & Cheshire

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  • Leek
  • Madeley
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme
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Need to lay gravel? Our experts can make it an easy job

Gravel is so popular, and many of our previous clients chose it due to its many benefits. Our general gravel laying service includes materials, labour, and top-grade mesh landscaping fabric to prevent weeds from growing and improve accessibility on the gravel surface.

Gravel path

Gravel paths are ideal for residential gardens, as they can split your outdoor space into separate areas for entertaining and relaxing. Some people lay gravel in the entire area, creating a low-maintenance garden.


Businesses with outdoor areas, such as pubs and garden centres, can also create a gravel path, allowing people to move around without compromising plants or walking in the mud.


Many people use concrete for driveways, which can crack easily and become unstable. This isn’t a good look for residential or commercial properties, but gravel is an excellent alternative.


We offer a range of attractive pebbles and stones that can create a beautiful driveway that’s easy on car tyres and still looks fantastic.

The types of gravel we work with include:

Crushed stone gravel

While natural crushed stone (also known as loose stones) is an excellent choice for driveways and pathways, crushed gravel is easier to work with and has smoother edges. It’s also affordable and lighter to use, making it the more popular solution.

Pea gravel

Pea gravel is smaller than crushed stones and is renowned for its smooth edges. Many residential and commercial properties use it to emphasise a water feature.

Why choose us to help you lay gravel paths or driveways?

If you’re working on a landscaping project or want to improve the accessibility of your business for customers, gravel is one of the best options available. Our expert team specialises in laying gravel and will ensure you get the best possible finish.

We offer a full-service solution

You’ll need to ensure you have enough gravel to achieve the right finish and use specialist landscape fabric. We’ve worked on numerous projects and offer our customers a full-service solution. We supply a weed membrane that creates a barrier between the gravel and soil beneath it.


Our team will prepare the ground, ensure everything is laid evenly and work according to your specifications.

Not your average landscaping company

While many gardening services offer generic solutions, we specialise in hardscaping features and can brighten up your exterior area. With a range of services available, you can get rid of unwanted plants and be proud to welcome guests – and customers to your property.

Get a free quote today

Gravel will continue to be a highly popular option for residential and commercial properties, and our team ensures you have a stunning finish.


If you want to lay a gravel path or driveway, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Our team will explain which services we offer and talk you through how our service works.

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